Virtual Gastric Band PRO Training


The virtual gastric band method is a major success, and you can also learn how to perform this hypnotic procedure.


When you choose to participate in the virtual gastric band PRO training, you will receive an extensive manual containing all the necessary scripts.

You will also be receiving advice regarding pricing, marketing, and promotion. You’ll not only learn how to use the hypnotic gastric band method quickly and effectively, but you will also learn how you could turn this into a profitable business that helps countless clients get rid of their excess weight and bad eating habits permanently.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The correct installation of the virtual gastric band and how to avoid common mistakes hypnotists make while using this method.
  • *TIP How you can make your client feel the virtual gastric band, almost as if the band is physically fitted.
  • How to assist clients in tightening the virtual gastric band on their own through self-hypnosis.
  • You’ll learn the most common pitfalls while installing the virtual gastric band and their solution.
  • Teaching your clients an easy way of self-hypnosis.
  • And much more!

Please note that knowledge of basic hypnosis is desirable before you start training with our virtual gastric band training. You can contact us if you are in need of a training as a hypnotist.

Who will be providing the training for the virtual gastric band?

The training is provided by our virtual gastric band expert: Walter Callebaut - C.Ht


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Extended manual with theory, exercises and ready-to-use texts (scripts) + certificate.
To keep the price low, overnight stays, meals, and drinks are not included in the price. (There are places to eat near the venue)
Refresher & support
The course can be repeated indefinitely, as refreshment, for € 150 per day. Also, you will receive permanent support from our team of experienced hypnotists as well as the teachers.
Preliminary training
You must have at least a basic knowledge in hypnosis. We advise you to follow our training as a hypnotist if you have not had any prior training
Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate!

Your hypnosis teachers

Walter Callebaut Hypnotherapeut

Who is Walter Callebaut?

Walter is one of the best hypnosis trainers when it comes to direct hypnosis and in particular the virtual gastric band. His entire career is all about helping people as in the various positions he held, he was constantly working to bring out the best in people, and it was with the help of hypnosis that it became clearer to him that he could achieve much more.

As a passionate hypnotherapist, Walter Callebaut has already successfully helped many people with his exceptional knowledge and can use the virtual gastric band effectively. Hypnosis becomes a very powerful tool in his hands in which he knows how to turn unwanted things to good ones and to strengthen desired things.

His attention for his customers and course participants is exceptionally pleasant, in addition to the many years of accumulated knowledge and a hypnotic voice, he also trains many to discover their hypnotic potential and to implement hypnosis techniques successfully.