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Resolve Blushing With Hypnosis !

If you need help with excessive blushing or sweating (flushing caused by anxiety or nervousness, not by sport or physical exertion), hypnosis can help you with your problem. Blushing and sweating are normal responses when we feel anxious or ashamed. Most people, when from a fear-based response, will blush or sweat for only a short period and so will not view this as a problem.

But for some others, blushing or sweating is a real problem. They often suffer a lot, as this can seriously affect the quality of their lives. And, although some people walk around daily with the thought and fear that they will blush or sweat, they do not blush or sweat very often. But they keep thinking about it, almost every day.

If you are like most people who have these problems, you have probably experienced that you can blush and sweat in everyday situations that normally shouldn’t provoke feelings of fear. Example: suddenly encountering a friend while shopping, or when someone’s opinion is asked at school or work.

Very often the fear of blushing or sweating, also known as erythrophobia, makes you feel as if you need to limit or change your life to avoid every situation as much as possible.

Blushing is not always limited to the face or cheeks; sometimes the redness can spread all the way to your neck and chest and can take a blotchy appearance. Women, in particular, can feel that they cannot wear some clothing styles or that they always have to wear a scarf.

Excessive sweating can happen anywhere on the body but mainly occurs on the face, armpits, chest, crotch, palms or soles of the feet. According to statistics, 1 to 3% of the population suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Excessive flushing and sweating are usually not physical or medical problems but instead are symptoms of underlying anxiety. Research has shown that there is a strong link between blushing and social anxiety.

Blushing and Sweating is a Normal Part of a Healthy Anxiety/Stress Reaction

So, blushing and sweating are usually not the problems themselves, they are simply symptoms of an underlying fear that is promoting these reactions. When these fears are resolved, there will no longer be any reason for the body to respond to the fear with a sweating or blushing reaction.

Although blushing and sweating usually do not indicate any medical problems, there are some medical ways to control the symptoms, such as taking pills against flushing, or beta-blockers against sweating, botox injections or even surgical intervention. The surgical procedure is known as 'sympathectomy' and involves the destruction of orthosympathetic nerves that serve to flush or sweat. This operation is not always an option, and even when it is used, sweating can come back again.

Using any of these mentioned treatments only addresses the symptoms, not the cause. So, even if you manage to control the symptoms by trying one of these ways (none of them offers a complete guarantee of success) underlying anxiety problems will still exist, and they may just present themselves differently; this is known as 'symptom substitution.'

The best way to properly correct your underlying anxiety problems and to ensure that you do not develop another symptom or problem in the future is to resolve the cause of your anxiety…by solving the underlying emotions that you have with hypnosis. We specialize in unique hypnosis approaches that offer you fast, effective and lasting results for blushing and excessive sweating.

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How Can Hypnosis Help You Resolve Blushing and Sweating?

THE PROBLEM: When all the attention is focused on you, you KNOW that you are safe. You know this consciously, logically, rationally, intellectually but you do not feel calm, and you start blushing. There is a part of you that sends a strong signal to your face so that you will blush.

THE SOLUTION: Using Hypnosis to work with that part of you that blushes your subconscious. We help you reprogram that powerful subconscious and REALLY solve your problem.