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All forms of social fear can be successfully remedied with the use of hypnosis. In most if not all cases, the symptoms can be completely resolved with the use of hypnosis.

We have successfully helped many clients who suffered from this fear.

Social fear is the second most common fear that people can have. A wide range of people of different ages, gender, race, and background have social fear. Official statistics show that about 13% of the population has this specific type of fear.

Note: The 13% statistic includes those who are medically diagnosed with social fear but, judging by the clients we see every day, we think that this percentage is much higher, given the fact that many people are never actually 'diagnosed' with this fear.

In fact, almost everyone who consults us for help, regardless of what their actual problem is, has a certain degree of social fear.

Please be careful as to not make the false assumption that 'social fear' means that you only feel anxious in 'social' situations (for example in a cafe, at a party, etc.).

Social fear means that you can feel anxious in a wide range of situations in general. This includes at work, with your partner, with your family, with strangers, etc. It can exist in any situation where people are involved and may make you feel ashamed, humiliated, rejected, criticized, stupid, judged, watched and in general out of control.

Social fear is characterized by one or more of the following:

  • a fear of being judged, criticized or rejected,
  • a fear of being ridiculed or otherwise being ''
  • worried about what other people might think about you
  • experiencing fear (driving test, school exams, sex, )
  • shy bladder or paruresis: usually men - who suffer from shy bladder and cannot urinate in a public toilet
  • fear of failure
  • excessive attention to your personal appearance - face, hair, clothes, shoes
  • avoiding social situations in general
  • stuttering
  • perfectionism – wanting to be a perfectionist
  • a high focus on your appearance - teeth, hair, makeup, perhaps opting for plastic surgery
  • disliking of authority
  • a fear of being watched while writing or eating
  • fear of speaking in public

Social fear often goes hand in hand with the following problems:

  • excessive blushing
  • excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis (due to fear)
  • lack of self-esteem
  • embarrassment
  • low self-esteem
  • feelings of inferiority and insecurity

There is an old proverb that says, "A life in fear is a life that’s only half-lived" and this applies to someone who has social fear.

If you have social fear, you can prevent yourself from achieving your full potential in life and from living a complete and exciting life. In the worst-case scenario, you may feel as if you are completely unable to live a 'normal' life.

It is very common that you try and limit your life to avoid situations where you may experience specific fear symptoms.

Social fear is learned.

It is good to remember that you were not born with a fear of being judged, nor with low self-esteem, nor with low self-confidence, nor with any of the other symptoms associated with this type of fear.

When you have social fear, it is not due to your own personality or "who you are,” but rather it is due to specific circumstances caused by uncomfortable and pent-up feelings that you had at a certain moment in your life.

Just think of it as a child who has to give a presentation at school for the first time. If that child is humiliated and embarrassed because he or she does or says something wrong, then that situation may be the starting point for what may later develop into social fear.

The next time this child needs to give a presentation, he will undoubtedly think of the first time where he had been humiliated, and he will remember the bad memories associated with it. This child may feel a bit more nervous than the way he did for the first time, and as time passes this fear may accumulate and lead to the development of full-blown stage fright.

Similarily, each time you experience something in your life that makes you feel anxious, stressed, angry, humiliated or ashamed (such as being bullied at school, or having a disagreement with friends or colleagues, or going through a breakup etc.) - those pent-up feelings are heightened.

And what’s worse is that we usually develop useless thinking patterns and behaviors that make everything worse.

Hypnosis to resolve social fear

We specialize in unique and professional hypnosis hat we believe offers the most effective method to resolve this fear.

The use of hypnosis helps you release all the pent-up emotions that cause your social fear. This way your problems can be permanently resolved.

We also recommend you read this page on webmd about this type of fear.