Only in two to four sessions.
Results are usually seen after the first session.
Prices start as low as $100 per session. Prices vary depending on the location of our hypnotist.

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Would you like us to help you in resolving your grief? Our trained and experienced consulting hypnotists are ready to help you resolve your sadness.

Are you dealing with the tragic loss of a child, family member, partner or pet? Do you notice that this grief is omnipresent? Do you want to process your grief in a way that enables you to continue your life in a positive way? Hypnosis help you to say goodbye, to heal and to move through the mourning process.

You will experience a noticeable difference after a first session and for most clients as few as 2 sessions are sufficient to find relief of the emptiness, loss and sadness.

Take that step now and let our proven hypnosis methods take away your mourning and loss, so that you can think back to the one you lost without being overwhelmed by grief. Call, mail, fill in the contact form or book your appointments here and we will help you as easily as possible through the grieving process.

What is grief and loss?

When we speak of grief, we are talking about countless different thoughts and feelings that we experience when we lose someone or something that we value. Although mourning is often the link with death, there are also other situations where feelings of grief and loss can arise. How we deal with grief, for example, plays a major role in processing the end of a relationship or friendship, losing a job or financial security, because of infertility or after a serious illness. The more important the role of what we lose in our lives, the more difficult the grieving process will be - on its own.

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The Stages of Grief

Although everyone grieves in their own, many experience these different stages:

• After the first shock, it is usually difficult to acknowledge the event, and disbelief and denial therefore prevail. "This cannot be true"; the search for that familiar face in a familiar setting or simply continuing as if nothing happened is some of the most recognizable manifestations of this phase. In this phase, the real sadness often remains, and it is thus a way to keep up appearances for yourself and to get through the days.
• "Why is this happening to me?" Feelings of wanting to fight back or even anger towards the person or what you lost are usually followed immediately after the first phase. Although it is good to express this anger and not to deny it, this anger can also manifest itself in an unhealthy and harmful way in, for example, anger episodes. This anger can easily be released by hypnosis.
• When the anger has subsided, what remains is often a sense of guilt combined with attempts to negotiate with God or the universe. "What if I know…", "If only I had...".
• After the negotiations with God and the universe go wrong without exception, the depression often starts. You are overpowered by a sense of hopelessness, frustration, bitterness, self-pity and a deep sense of grief and loss for what you lost, but also for all the hopes, dreams and plans you had for the future. You feel empty, dead and rudderless in this phase of the mourning process. To a certain extent this is a healthy part of the processing process, but then we assume that it is temporary and you eventually learn to accept what has happened.

However, not everyone goes through all these phases, and not everyone will experience the phases in the same way when they do. Trying to place your feelings in such a 'familiar' pattern can even be counterproductive and convince you that you do not go through the grieving process in the 'right' way. The big risk of processing grief is staying in one of the phases:

You continue to deny what happened and thus never learn how to deal with your grief. Mourning and loss remain, and in your subconscious, they do great damage.

• You remain angry with the world or what you have been deprived of and lose yourself in constant anger.
• Constantly obsessing about what you could have done differently continues and begins to control your life.
• Your feelings of intense sadness and loss remain unbearably strong, and you cannot fight your way out of your depression.

Prolonged grief can last months or even years. This is how a gripping event should have been that would leave a few scars becomes an event that permanently controls your life. Are you in such a situation? Read on, because there is a solution:


Using hypnosis, we ensure that you do not get stuck in the grieving process because we work with your subconscious mind to remove all that emptiness, loss and sadness. We help you deal with your grief in a healthy, constructive way so that you can continue with your life.

Would not you like to be able to think back to the person or what you lost without all those negative emotions? Retrieve memories without feelings of denial, anger, guilt, and depression taking over? Call, mail, fill in the contact form or book your appointments here and we will provide you with all the information you need to take the step…the step to a life free of grief.

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