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No one is born without self-confidence or self-esteem. When we come into the world, we do not yet find ourselves smart or stupid, beautiful or ugly and we do not have any sense of what is possible or impossible. As a newborn, you have not had time to absorb all the judgments, fears and limitations that the outside world imposes on you. So, we do not have a program in our subconscious mind regarding self-confidence. But soon we are 'programmed' by our parents and the environment. And just this programming ensures that we are self-confident or not.

Does this mean that it is now too late to gain more confidence? Can we 'update' or undo this programming? Absolutely. Hypnosis can help you rebuild your self-confidence and update your programming in the subconscious. We specialize in unique hypnosis where we can 'program' your subconscious mind again. Want to know more or take that first step towards increasing your self-confidence? Call us, mail us, fill out the contact form or make your appointments directly here.

Building self-confidence in the traditional way

For most of us, the natural, innocent self-confidence with which we are born is short-lived. By the time you are out of the diapers, a large part of your subconscious mind has already been programmed. Since you are reading this page, the chances are that this 'programming' was not entirely to your liking!

In traditional counseling, coaches and therapists try to help you with your lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem, often focusing on what you need to do to gain more self-confidence. They tell you that you have to act, have to face your fears; you will have to practice and work on self-confidence.

This sometimes results in actual results, but there is one big problem with this method: Without self-confidence, many of us simply will not dare to take action. Even when you come across this first hill, success is largely dependent on your initial confidence in that same success.


A good example is the lack of self-confidence in social situations. Even if you force yourself into a social setting to gain the necessary 'experience,' the results of such an adventure will often match your expectations. That new wardrobe, that new hairstyle: In many cases, you still see the same person in the mirror.

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What is the difference between self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence?

Low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence and poor self-esteem sound the same. Although they can sometimes overlap, there are subtle differences between these:
• Low self-esteem is when you generally feel very worthless and insecure as a person.
• Low self-esteem is when you feel as if you will never succeed which makes you little or no effort to achieve something.
• Poor self-image is when you believe that you are unattractive or ugly; when you believe (whether or not on a conscious level) that you do not deserve to look attractive.

One of the better ways to fully treat your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image problems - and any problems with uncertainty or embarrassment - is to solve the underlying problems thoroughly. Hypnosis is the ideal choice for this.

We specialize in unique hypnosis. Hypnosis is the most effective method in dealing with anger issues.


Have you ever noticed that some people always seem to radiate self-confidence, no matter how often they fail? Well-known examples are Walt Disney or Henry Ford, indisputable success stories that, however, have failed many times without ever having drawn this.

There are countless examples, for example The woman who no one would call a top model, but who draws eyes to herself when she enters a room, full of confidence. The child who enthusiastically touches one false note after another on the open podium of his school, but manages to impact the room with his self-confidence.

These are people who have never lost their innocent, natural self-confidence. These are the people who received the correct 'programming' from their parents/environment. Permanent self-confidence is not a consequence of what we do but comes from the core of your being.
The reason that many methods fail in self-confidence is that they focus on these external factors. We tackle the internal source of the problem with hypnosis.

Hypnosis works for increasing self-confidence

Having little or no self-confidence can be a heavy burden that can be limiting or even crippling in daily life. Fortunately, hypnosis can in many cases permanently increase self-confidence.
Hypnosis communicates directly with the subconscious mind to tackle a negative self-image at the root. Fears and limitations are released and replaced with a natural self-confidence that is integral to your sense of 'self,' independent of where you are or what you do.

More self-confidence with hypnosis!

You do not have to accept lacking in self-confidence. Once your old self-image has been replaced by a new, natural self-image, everything you do will feel easier, and you will achieve your goals more easily. Unlike a subconscious that undermines you through fears and uncertainties, it will support you. And, should you fail at some point? You will have the confidence to learn from that experience and try again without being immediately overcome by fear of failure.

Do you also want to build your self-confidence or get more self-confidence? Then let us help you. We specialize in unique forms of hypnosis that have already helped countless people for lack of self-confidence.

Contact us today without obligation using the contact form, an email or call for more information. Or you can schedule your appointments right here. You will also find numerous testimonials on the site of clients who are permanently helped by hypnosis. Are you soon one of these success stories? Do not wait any longer and take that step to a life full of self-confidence!

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