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Stop drinking. It sounds easier for the layman than it is. "Then you just leave that bottle just like that?" - You would like to! Knowing that there is a problem and looking for a solution is the best first step you can take. We have been helping people curb or stop drinking alcohol with hypnosis for some time now. You will notice the difference after the first session, and most clients lose the urge to drink completely after only four sessions.

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Alcohol dependency or addiction: Which is your problem?

The classic definition of an addiction is when the problem is adversely affecting your life. However, you may not be an alcoholic and still have a drinking problem, dependency on alcohol.

If you cannot function without alcohol, are experiencing problems with relationships, work, finances or your health, chances are you need to seek out help for alcohol addiction. This may involve supervised treatment to ensure that you are helped during a detoxification process. It can be dangerous to suddenly stop drinking if your body is conditioned to alcohol.

If you are noticing that you are becoming dependent on alcohol to relax, to feel comfortable around others or by yourself, to deal with boredom or heavy emotions, it’s probably time to address the problem. Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to find solutions for problem drinking habits.

How much alcohol is safe to drink?

Moderate drinking does not mean that you have an alcohol problem and countless people drink alcohol without being considered alcoholics. For example, guidelines typically suggest that both men and women can drink one or two servings of alcohol per day without this necessarily having to be harmful.
However, several doctors have indicated that even the proposed one or two drinks a day are on the high side, as well as the habit of many to 'save' their daily glasses and drink all these glasses at the weekend.


If you realize that you have a problem with alcohol, it is time to start thinking about solutions. However, the symptoms of your problem are often what gets the most attention: your drinking behavior and the consequences. The actual reason you drink, however, may be hidden deep under the surface.

Problem drinking can be a way to escape reality. Whatever it is that you want to flee from, drinking offers you a temporary respite. Drinking is usually an 'escape mechanism,' something that you use to help yourself deal with life - to make yourself feel better. But alas, when the temporary relief or forgetfulness or buzz (however you want to call it) disappears, you still have the same old uncomfortable feelings or thoughts from which you will soon want to escape again by using alcohol.

To permanently solve your problem, it is necessary to address the origin of this need and possibly also to deal with certain 'triggers' that evoke these feelings. For this, we work with your subconscious mind to tackle the underlying uncertainties and fears, as well as the behavioral patterns that make you use alcohol. We do this by rendering ingrained, erroneous patterns in your subconscious obsolete and then 'overwriting' them with new, "healthy programs that will enable you to deal with yourself and the outside world healthily.

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If you are in need of more information about alcohol abuse, please read this informative page.

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