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Have you ever visited a physician who told you that you need to learn how to live with pain? I am sure they haven’t even explained how you could do that. Have you received a manual from someone regarding chronic pain relief? If you have answered so far with a “no,” then you are no longer in need to continue reading.

Scientific research has stated that one out of three Americans suffer from some sort of chronic pain and 50% of them cannot find an adequate solution to treat this pain.

In the end, the only person who matters is you.

Chronic pain is finally being recognized as a separate disease and not a symptom of another disease, as every part of a person’s life is affected by such pain whether mental, physical, or emotional.

To know where the chronic pain is experienced has an advantage, but this, however, has not led to a more effective, pharmacological treatments, Offering treatment to someone who suffers from pain throughout the body is challenging and it is very difficult to give someone medicine without making them feel drowsy or experience other side effects.

The quality of life diminished when the pain is chronic, and life looks less beautiful. If you want to regain the quality of life you have, then you need to treat pain overall.

It has been assumed that if someone were to experience chronic pain, then that would be all psychological, and to this day we are still experiencing such conviction. Because of this, some patients are reluctant when it comes to adequate pain management, as it stems from a fear that the doctor may think they are crazy or that it is all in their head. As a result, they end up suffering in silence, which goes against all logic.

There is, however, a core truth to this: pain cannot be experienced without the psyche, and the psyche is not only limited to the brain. Physical and psychological treatment is essential in eliminating chronic pain. The pain is to be treated at its recognized source which is the psyche and making changes to the psyche would lead to less pain, misery, and suffering. In addition to medication such as Vicodin, Contramal and Cymbalta, techniques such as mindfulness meditation, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, acupuncture and massage therapy should also be also prescribed.

We are still not sure of the connection between the body and the psyche, but we have, through hundreds of years of experience, discovered that hypnosis does help people. It is the same as aspirin, we are not completely sure how it works, but it does provide relief. We know that just as the mind can cause pain, then it can certainly eliminate it.

You can choose to go to a physiotherapist or a personal trainer to learn a better way to train your body, the same applies to a hypnotist who has the skills and experience to help you train your mind to eliminate your pain.

You do not need to wait any longer, just contact one of our hypnotists who are experts in eliminating pain via hypnosis.

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