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Are you looking for hypnosis for Nail Biting? Our certified and trained hypnotists are ready to help you resolve nail biting.


Are you ready to finally stop biting your nails? With hypnosis, we appeal to the subconscious mind to stop this bad habit. This proven effective method to stop nail biting ensures that you experience lasting change in your daily life — no more painful nails and fingers, no constant effort to hide your battered nails and finally those beautiful nails that you always wanted.

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Causes of Nail-Biting

Stress and boredom seem the most common reasons for nail-biting, but everyone has stress, and everyone gets bored. Yet not everyone bites his or her nails. The underlying reason for biting nails is to look under the surface in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind uses nail-biting as a mechanism to deal with fear, uncertainty or boredom. In the latter case, it is an attempt to keep at least a part of the body busy, while the rest of the mind has little to do. This erroneous programming can be replaced with a new behavioral pattern by means of hypnosis in 2 sessions, making it a particularly fast-acting remedy for nail biting.

Although this is not always the case, biting your nails can be a symptom of a compulsive disorder and can, therefore, be compared to washing repeatedly or constantly checking whether windows and doors are closed. Also, nail biting can take such extreme forms that the damage to fingers and nails is referred to as self-mutilation, similar to cutting in the skin and other related behavioral problems (and infection can even lead to death).

Another possible explanation, according to a recent study by the University of Montreal, is a sign of an impulse to perfection. The research found a direct link between biting nails and frustration or boredom, both feelings that perfectionists often experience.

Hair pulling, constant picking on the skin or biting on the nails are described by the researchers as 'body-oriented repeated actions.' Although these actions can cause discomfort and stress, for many, chronic nail biting also seems to induce a certain amount of subconscious reward.

In all cases, excessive biting on the nails is called onychophagy. A medical term that stems from Greek and literally means 'eating hands'.

Consequences of Nail Biting

Nail biting can have unpleasant physical consequences, such as:

• Bacterial infections - This is the reason you see in police series how the nails of the victims are looked at: The nails are the perfect gathering place for dirt, and by chewing on them, you give bacteria an easy route inside. Infections of the mouth and throat are therefore not uncommon for nail biters.
• Colds and viruses - People who bite their nails are more likely to develop a cold. Just think of all the door handles, banisters and other places that you touch every day where countless people have left their bacteria behind. The bacteria that cause colds stay alive for hours on these surfaces, and if you bite your nails after a touch, the chance of infection is very high.
• Poisoning symptoms when repeatedly biting nails painted with unhealthy nail polish.
• Painful, dry cuticles - By nail-biting, the skin around the nails becomes drier, so the skin can flake off.
• Warts - When you have warts on your fingers, these can easily transfer to the face, mouth or lips when you bite the nails, even if they are not visible on the fingers themselves.
• Fungal infections - Nail strikers are very sensitive to paronychia, or an inflammation of the cuticle or skin around the nails. This is caused by a fungus and is only one of the disorders that can be caused by the fungi and other microorganisms that benefit from this bad habit.
• Tooth damage - Nail biting is not only harmful to your fingers but can also damage your teeth. It can cause the connection to your lower and upper teeth to deteriorate, but it can also cause damage to the enamel and other wear.

In addition to the physical consequences, long-lasting nail biting also affects your mind. The constant hiding of your nails and hands so that others do not see your nails can be very stressful. The appearance of someone who bites the nails is often described as uncertain or anxious, which in turn affects the way in which the outside world deals with you.

Stop Nail Biting with Hypnosis

Although it is often assumed that young children will 'automatically' stop nail biting, this doesn’t always happen. Stopping is not easy on your own. In cases where nail biting is the result of stressful emotions, and where it is an embedded pattern of behavior, hypnosis offers a solution.

In as few as two hypnosis sessions you will experience the following benefits:

• You permanently get rid of your annoying habit
• Your nails and fingers are healthier
• You no longer feel ashamed of your nails or your annoying habit
• You feel relaxed, calm and happy
• The need to bite nails disappears

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