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Fear of vomiting? We can help. Our trained and certified hypnotists have helped many people with a fear of vomiting.

Nobody likes to feel nauseated and we all know that feeling sick is no fun. Yet it is a question of vomiting and going on with life for most people. This is different when you suffer from emetophobia, the fear of vomiting, vomiting, nausea or the fear of surrendering others.

Fortunately, there is a very effective method for resolving emetophobia: hypnosis.

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Yo-Yo Effect: Why Does This Continue to Happen?

The official word for someone who suffers from a phobia for vomiting is emetophobia, and it’s a surprisingly common condition. Emetophobia triggers can include:

  • Experiences of throwing up
  • Thinking about throwing up
  • See another person vomit
  • Vomiting in front of another
  • Hearing about a disease that causes people to vomit
  • Watching someone vomit on TV or film
  • Visiting a doctor, dentist or hospital
  • Consuming food that could make you sick

Living with Emetophobia

Are you suffering from a fear of vomiting? You probably find that it is causing you a lot of stress and anxiety in life. If you suffer from emetophobia, you may find yourself avoiding medical treatment or people who are (or may be) ill, or even have difficulty eating due to fear of vomiting. Emetophobia symptoms make it very difficult to suffer a normal life.

For some women, a life with emetophobia even means that they are unable to become pregnant or have children. In this case, the fear of morning sickness or having to deal with sick children is so great that they make it almost impossible to fulfill a possible desire for children.

Even when emetophobia is not so invasive, thoughts of getting sick, becoming nauseous or seeing others vomiting can have a negative influence on your quality of life. In addition, you run the risk that without treatment, emetophobia will increase in intensity over time.

What Causes Emetophobia?

In addition to some of the triggers described above, like many fears, emetophobia can develop when unresolved emotions create a conflict. There is a part of your mind, the subconscious, that is maintaining that fear response. With hypnosis, we address the subconscious to eliminate the fear of vomiting. Many traditional emetophobia treatments work with your conscious mind and not with the subconscious mind. This is the reason why some traditional treatment methods ultimately do not help you to permanently overcome emetophobia.

Until a few years ago, a phobia for vomiting was mostly treated by means of exposure therapy, in which the client is exposed to photos and videos of people who surrender. This is done to build a tolerance in the client for seeing or hearing someone who is vomiting. Not only is this method highly unpleasant and uncomfortable for someone who suffers from emetophobia, often it has little or no effect.

In fact, in this case you do not treat the cause of the fear but only the symptoms. Symptoms that, without dealing with the underlying cause, are suppressed at most for a short time and can even be expressed in new fears.

Overcoming Emetophobia with Hypnosis

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We understand that you may be a bit anxious about using hypnosis, but countless clients have gone before you and, thanks to our emetophobia treatment, now enjoy a life free from fears. On our site you can read more about their experiences with Hypnosis Clinics.

Hypnosis is effective in resolving fear for vomiting

When you suffer from emetophobia, you know that your fear of vomiting or vomiting is not rational. You may have even received well-intentioned advice which explains that you do not have to be afraid. As with many fears, however, you do not have conscious control over this vomiting fear. It is truly a fear that cannot be explained away.

When you opt for a treatment for emetophobia by means of hypnosis, we not only look at the symptoms, but we work with that part of you that causes the fear: within your subconscious. Hypnosis allows us to work directly with the subconscious mind to eliminate the inner conflict or the inner fears that cause your fear. For example, hypnosis provides a lasting solution that eradicates your fear at the root.

We discover and solve the cause of your fear. This often means that we deal with pent-up feelings that cause the problem or we may focus on situations in everyday life that cause or aggravate the problem. In both cases, we replace the sometimes years-long, outdated programming of your subconscious mind with new programming that makes life possible without unreasonable fears.