Only in two to four sessions.
Results are usually seen after the first session.
Prices start as low as $100 per session. Prices vary depending on the location of our hypnotist.

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* session count may vary slightly depending on your individual features

Do you have a fear of flying? Hypnosis helps to overcome your fear of flying, in just a few sessions.

How can hypnosis help you overcome fear of flying?

Finally, let go of your fear of flying and fly comfortably. You can completely let go of your fear of flying through hypnosis. We do not spend much time talking about this fear because you have probably done that for a long time.

We do not teach you how to deal with the fear of flying. We just help you get rid of your fear of flying so that you can finally fly with comfort.

THE PROBLEM: You know that you are safe. You have seen the statistics. You see other people getting on an airplane without problems. Maybe you even followed a course against the fear of flying, or maybe you even listened to a relaxation CD. You are aware ... logical ... rational ... intellectual ... you know that you are safe. You should feel good, but you do not feel that way. There is a part of you that sends a very strong signal to your body. That signal is fear. Your heart starts to sweat; you start to sweat ... You're terrified.

THE SOLUTION: Using Hypnosis to work with that part of you that causes your problem - the subconscious - so you have a chance to reprogram that powerful subconscious. So that you have a chance to really solve your fear of flying in the cause: the subconscious.

How many hypnosis sessions are needed to solve the fear of flying?

For most people, two hypnosis sessions are sufficient. For some people, an extra hypnosis session may be required. This is because each person is unique and every problem has a different cause & complexity.
(If you'd like more info on fear of flying, please visit this specific page on Wikipedia)

Are you ready to fly in comfort and relaxation?

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