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Results are usually seen after the first session.
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Do you have a fear of failure? We use hypnosis to resolve the fear of failure. Our certified and trained hypnotist are experienced to work with fears.


Are you afraid to ask a nice person out on a date because you believe they will turn you down?

Have you failed a driving or other exam one or more times and now feel like giving up?

Or, does a fear of failure keep you from attempting other important things in life?

Maybe it’s time to get some professional help to resolve those useless fears! At our Hypnosis Clinics, we have helped many people who suffered from these types of limiting thoughts and as few as two to three sessions.

What is Fear of Failure?

Every person may feel insecure at times; perhaps while taking a test and finding that they can’t answer a simple question. This is not uncommon.

But, when you often get an very anxious feeling that prevents you from speaking in public, trying new challenges or learning new things, it can seem as if you are effectively talking yourself out of even trying!

Fear of failure is one of the many forms of fear, in which an individual is prevented from performing due to insecurity, public fear or embarrassment. People with fear of failure therefore start to doubt themselves right when they need to be self-assured.

The consequences of fear of failure often results in a person actually failing at their goal, so there is a vicious circle of fear of failure that makes the person's insecurity worse.

Fear of failure can stand in the way of a person's development, reduce his or her chances of promotion within the office, and sometimes also have a negative flow for a family (as in sexual anxiety).

Fear of Failure in Children

Fear of failure is common in school-age children, and this is not surprising, because there is pressure from all sides on children to perform better, both at home and at school. Fear of failure in adults is also not to be underestimated because the feeling can affect your whole life negatively.

Social Fears

People with social fear can be afraid in specific situations, such as speaking in public. These people often have other social fears such as:
• Eating or drinking in the presence of others.
• Being the center of attention.
• Interacting with people, such as dating or going to parties.
• Asking questions in a group.

Performance Anxiety

People with a fear of failure often have a typical negative self-image, which is characterized by their behavior when something is expected of them. This is expressed in the following performance anxiety characteristics:
• worrying about what others will think of them if they have to perform, present or undertake something.
• telling people in advance that they should not expect their presentation to be successful so that they do not expect the best from them ("this is my first time”)
• getting all sorts of body pain before you start performing.
• creating unimportant distractions to attempt to postpone a presentation.

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Dealing with Performance Anxiety

You did not ask for it, but you have a fear of failure, and of course, you want to get rid of it. Fear of failure usually starts with a thought, "What if I cannot do this or that?" You get stuck in worrying about what you are afraid might happen if you do not succeed, if you make mistakes during your speech if you do not meet your deadline, etc.

You can try to reduce these negative thoughts by turning them into positive thoughts, for example: if I make a mistake, I just correct it, or I joke about it and go on quietly. Because every person makes mistakes. In short, positive thoughts can help you deal with the fear of failure but may not actually eradicate the problem.

How Does Fear of Failure Arise?

All of humanity is under pressure to perform better; there is competition everywhere. Everyone wants to be the best in everything, in sports, economy, medicine, technology, etc.

This pressure has its influence on individuals, some of whom who can handle the pressure and some who can’t. Those who doubt their performance ability can end up in a mental prison that expresses itself in fear of failure. The fear of failure is therefore caused by pressure to perform and lack of confidence to achieve that achievement. Additionally, past experiences of failure exert a lot of influence on a person’s expectations of future failure.

Consequences of Performance Anxiety

It is very important to resolve your fears with hypnosis as quickly as possible because the consequences of fear of failure can lead to a hermit life – as you stop trying to achieve goals and your functioning in a normal society becomes more limited.

The sooner you start with hypnosis, the sooner you can recover from those useless fears!


Following our hypnosis sessions, you will experience profound changes and you will:

• feel a deep sense of calm in multiple areas of life

• notice that you have the feeling that you can calmly and clearly take the lead on situations where you might previously have felt the fear that things go wrong

• discover that you can deal so much easier with the natural excitement of anticipation

• fully trust yourself to take on challenges (even in emergencies) without getting panicked

• begin to do things with confidence that you never thought would be possible.