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Do you want to help resolve erectile dysfunction with hypnosis? Our trained and certified hypnotists can help you resolve this issue.

Hypnosis can help with erectile dysfunction

A common request for help we receive is for a male sexual problem: impotence or erectile dysfunction, which can be successfully remedied using hypnosis.

These issues include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction (impotence) and low libido such as hypoactive sexual desire. Sexual problems can be one of the hardest things to seek help and talk about. As a result, many men suffer for a long time in silence and can thus feel quite isolated with their problem. Despite our so-called free society, there is still a taboo atmosphere around problems of a sexual nature such as impotence. Sexual problems such as impotence exist, and in fact, they are surprisingly common in men of all ages.

Assuming that you have already been medically checked for impotence (or any other sexual problem) and there is not a medical reason for your, you may consider the possibility that your problem is of a psychological nature. In such a case, hypnosis may be able to solve the erectile dysfunction and thus get rid of your impotence.

Most men who have a sexual problem or dysfunction - whether that is too fast, impotence, low libido or other problem - also have other problems, such as low self- esteem, or perhaps a fear of being judged, fear of failure or embarrassment. These are signs of social anxiety and can be successfully remedied with hypnosis.

Dealing with premature ejaculation via hypnosis

Premature ejaculation (or, too quickly cumming, in the vernacular) is something that many men complain about. Research shows that about 50% of men regularly experience premature ejaculation and come too quickly.

Premature ejaculation or premature ejaculation can sometimes happen before real physical stimulation has occurred (sometimes it can happen without any physical stimulation). This can be rather humiliating and disconcerting. The fear, created by thoughts of getting ready too quickly, only makes matters worse.
Whether you have an erectile dysfunction like impotence or suffer from premature ejaculation (or premature ejaculation), hypnosis can help you, as long as you have had a medical examination first. It is important to first rule out any physical causes before we start hypnosis to resolve erectile dysfunction.

Low Libido – Hypoactive Sex Drive

What also occurs in both men and women is low sex drive / low libido, also known as hypoactive sexual desire. There is a general lack of sexual desire. Your libido or sex drive is essentially what determines how often you desire sex.

What also happens is that the low libido is situational, so you still have sexual desires, but not for your current partner. This can also be successfully remedied with hypnosis.

Low libido can be an indication of many factors such as stress, depression, reaction to certain medications, slow recovery after illness and so on. Hypnosis can even be helpful in these cases to boost healing, reduce suffering and enhance your sex drive.

We believe that hypnosis is the most effective, rapid and successful therapy that is now known for helping people solve all kinds of sexual problems. All your problems will be discussed with the utmost discretion and trust in a caring and professional manner.

Here is an interesting read about this topic on the website of Mayo Clinic.

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