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Do you have anger issues? Would you like to resolve your anger issues? Our consulting hypnotists are ready to help.


Anger and frustration are normal, healthy human emotions. However, when an outburst erupts regularly, it can lead to health problems, relationship problems, difficulties at work and poorer quality of life. Do you regularly suffer from anger outbursts where you feel lost control? Are you ready to deal with that anger once and for all?

Hypnosis can offer permanent solutions and ensure that the next uncontrollable anger outburst never happens. This form of anger therapy has proven itself numerous times within our hypnosis practice and often offers lasting results after two sessions. Already after the first session, you notice the difference! Do not wait any longer, contact us today and receive all the necessary information without obligation. Call, mail, use the contact form or book your appointments right here.
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What is anger?

Everyone is sometimes angry. Often the anger is a result of frustration or the feeling of being misled, hurt or even attacked. For most people, anger is a natural reaction that quickly disappears. In some cases, however, anger can become a rage and out of control.

Anger can also be a useful emotion that releases a physical reaction in the body. This is the so-called 'fight or flight' reaction and normally occurs when we are pressured or feel threatened. Adrenaline is released, you feel tense, and you are ready to "fight" or flee with the threat.

The problem with this is that nowadays, running away or fighting is usually not an appropriate response. This can make it difficult to express anger, and this is where many problems start.

If you do not express your anger, you can suppress it. This leads (at a certain point) to anger outbursts at times when these are not appropriate or necessary. It can also cause you to feel even more angry, which makes you react more aggressively to situations than necessary.

The experiences will differ, but the following forms of anger are often the most damaging:

• Chronic anger - Constant, prolonged anger can affect the immune system and often causes numerous mental problems.
• Passive anger - When people express their anger in a passive way, this can often be very disadvantageous for relations.
• Overwhelmed anger - When someone feels anger about the fact that simply too much happens to be able to process this healthily.
• Anger towards yourself - often brings feelings of guilt and is very detrimental to your physical and mental health.
• Condemning anger - Anger directed at others, often accompanied by a sense of resentment.
• Explosive anger - This is the anger that leads to an anger outburst. Not only is this anger harmful to yourself, but it can also be disturbing or harmful to the people in your immediate environment.

Hypnosis is not only very suitable for the prevention of a subsequent anger outbursts but is an excellent and effective anger therapy for all harmful forms of this emotion.

Are you one of many people who are no longer in control of their anger? We can often find the cause of this in events from the past. In some cases, it is the family background or upbringing that determines how we deal with anger. In other cases it is a 'fear' of anger that makes you dare not healthily express your anger, keeping it constantly bottled up, which could later cause an explosion of anger - also called anger attacks.

In most cases, people seeking help for anger outbursts have other underlying problems. Whether it is low self-esteem, fear of the judgment of others or not being able to deal with criticism: Explosive anger is often an inappropriate reaction to an alleged symbolic threat of 'ego' and psychological well-being.

Consequences of uncontrolled anger:

When you suffer from uncontrollable, explosive anger, this can have multiple consequences. For example, on the physical level you should think of:

• Raised blood pressure
• Reduced resistance and therefore more often suffer from colds and flu
• Heart complaints
• An increased risk of stroke
• Gastric problems

Do you recognize the above consequences? Then speak with a doctor to find out if these can be traced back to problems with anger. However, unhealthy anger can also have unpleasant consequences on a mental level:

• Depression
• Self-destructive behavior

In some cases, explosive anger can also be a symptom of a mental illness.


There are some obvious moments when it is wise to seek help with anger attacks. When you regularly deliberately destroy or damage things from anger or when you feel constantly angry and feel that you cannot express yourself, it is advisable to seek help. Ultimately, however, the question is to what extent the anger negatively affects your life and the lives of the people around you. When you are ready for a change, we have a solution:

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The difference between hypnosis and traditional treatment methods for explosive anger is that classical therapies focus on controlling anger. Our hypnosis therapy is different in the sense that we immediately start working with the subconscious mind to solve the problem at the source - so there is no anger to control - all anger & frustration disappears automatically. We replace old, destructive and negative behavioral patterns with a new, healthy way of functioning that ensures that the next outburst of anger simply does not come.

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(more info about anger can be found on wikipedia)