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Find help for your excessive fears and phobias with hypnosis.

If you need help with anxiety, fears or phobias, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you. These issues can hold back a lot of people and it’s a relief to know that there are relatively quick and drug-free answers.

A common fear many people have is a form of social anxiety, which means that they worry about being judged, rejected, criticized, derided or humiliated by others. This can limit them in many ways and, like many unmanaged fears grow stronger over time, resulting in isolation.

Are you worried about almost everything? Or are you beginning to panic about relatively small things? Another form of excessive fear comes in the presence of a sense of general unease; people describe it as a tense feeling that is constantly present, but without any specific, logical cause.

This kind of fear or anxiety is very often caused by unresolved, pent-up emotions (stored in the subconscious) and they can be activated by all kinds of triggers. These triggers may be certain people, experiences and events in your daily life which create and maintain those stressful responses.

One of our clients did not know why she had heightened episodes of a fear response for years. In a deep state of hypnosis, her subconscious revealed that cats were at the root of this problem.

As a 2-year-old she had once been to a cinema and watched a film about a panther. At a certain moment this panther jumped to the screen, as if it was going to attack, and this little girl was very shocked, which is understandable.

At that point her subconscious learned that panthers are very dangerous. In time, this association was generalized to cats. She was also surprised to find that a single, strong fear she experienced when she was only two years old could have consequences in the here and now. Through hypnosis, her subconscious program was updated with the knowledge that it was just a movie and cats are cute animals; she now had no reason to have that strong negative response to domestic cates and she was rid of that fear.

Hypnosis for Phobias

What is a phobia? While fear may be defined as an emotion based on previous experience or knowledge about a risk to one’s safety, a phobia is usually non-sensical. Some phobias are based on a biological instinct, such as needing to avoid a poisonous insect, for example. These helpful responses keep us safe for the most part but when that response becomes pronounced or associated to a harmless trigger, it can become quite bothersome.

For example, most people can tolerate looking at a snake from a distance. A person with a snake phobia would not only become quite anxious doing that, they might even have an extreme reaction to a piece of string lying nearby on the ground.

Common phobias include:

Fears of certain animals and insects
Fear of water
Fear of flying
Fear of heights
Fear of open spaces
Fear of going over bridges
Fear of germs
Fear of being touched by others
Fears of specific foods

A phobia can be seeded by an experience earlier in life. It can start simply by watching someone else, in person or in a movie, experience something unpleasant or scary. Or, it can manifest as a result of excess stress and have nothing really to do with the actual activity or thing that triggers it.

A phobic response is an unconscious, stress response (fight, flight or freeze). Once a person is triggered, the heart beats faster, the speed of breathing increases; they may even have difficulty breathing. A person sweats, cognitive thinking reduces and panic strikes.

However, these 'attacks' are not mysterious or harmful - they are a normal physical reaction to a wave of adrenaline and stress hormones that rage through your body. Over time, these uncontrollable responses may increase to the point where they have a significant impact on your life and your health.

Some people gradually begin to limit their lifestyle to avoid as many situations as possible that could activate these unwelcome feelings.

Why it’s Hard to Talk Your Way out of This

If you have underlying pent-up emotions or ineffective response programs that cause excessive fear or phobia and you have tried other methods such as traditional psychotherapy, you may feel temporarily better by talking about it.

However, these are therapies focused on your logical and rational thought process within your conscious mind, and usually deal with the things that you, or the therapist, 'think' that they are the problem. Unfortunately, the things that we generally "think" are the cause of our problems are not always the real causes.

That certainly does not mean that these kinds of conversation therapies are completely useless. They do help people gain awareness and some insight into their problem, and even to learn how to cope with their problem.

But learning to cope with the problem is not enough for most. The most effective way to permanently resolve your fears or phobias is to find and rewire those unhelpful, unconscious response programs through hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Our proven approach also prepares you to move with ease and comfort through situations that previously stressed you.

We specialize in unique hypnosis and hypnotherapy that provides a fast, effective and permanent solution for your excess fear and phobias.

* = in most cases two sessions are sufficient. Very rarely there is a need for an additional session.

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