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Solve bedwetting with hypnosis !

Bedwetting in adults and children is more common than many people think. This embarrassing issue can be a challenge for young and old. However, recent research by Austrian physicians has shown that hypnosis in many cases is a quick, effective and permanent solution.

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BEDwettIng (EnurEsIs)

Bedwetting is more common than many people think. Although there are countless people of all ages who struggle with bedwetting, there are very few effective treatment methods that help with bedwetting. In young children, treatment is even written off as 'unnecessary' until the child reaches an age of 7 or even 8 years. All while it can be a very negative experience for the self-confidence of the child in question.

Bedwetting can have a major impact on the quality of life of children, adolescents and adults. It can lead to feelings of sadness and shame and is also an inhibiting factor in social contacts. For example, it can be difficult or even impossible to stay with friends at home, go to camp or take a vacation.

Traditional Bedwetting Solutions

When you suffer from unwanted bed wetting, there are different treatment options. The best known of these is probably the alarm therapy, where you wear a special night pants with an alarm. Once any moisture is detected, the wearer is alerted by an alarm, after which it can still go to the toilet quickly. This can be very stressful, especially for young children.

Another solution is to wear special 'night diapers', causing wearers to feel infantile. Kids and teens often do not want to wear these night diapers because they feel like 'babies again', while for adults the need for such a solution can even lead to psychological problems. Additionally, wearing the protective pants can even anchor the bed wetting problem!

A third solution is in the form of medication, which often comes with unwanted side effects and really isn’t very effective. Many parents prefer not to medicate their children.

Solving Bedwetting with Hypnosis

Resolving bed-wetting through hypnosis is in many cases more effective than the afore mentioned alternatives and at the same time is a stress-free, creative approach for young and old, which also produces immediate results.

Hypnosis has long been used as a method for people to learn unwanted habits by working directly with the subconscious mind. The hypnotist takes these negative behavioral patterns and replaces them with positive patterns. Hypnosis also works on both a psychological level and can relieve bedwetting if it stems from a fear of darkness or other emotional cause.

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