During this 2-day hypnosis course you’ll learn the basics of hypnosis. This hypnosis training consists of the first two days of our 7-day training to become a certified 'Hypnotist.'

This hypnosis training is meant as an extensive introduction to hypnosis.

What will you be able to do after this 2-day hypnosis training

Upon the completion of this hypnosis training, you will understand the basics of hypnosis. You will be able to hypnotize someone using three different hypnotic inductions.

You can run a series of tests to see how deeply hypnotized your client is. This is done by utilizing hypnotic phenomena that you perform on someone else (such as hypnotic sealing of the eyes, arm catalepsy, hypnotic anesthesia, etc…)

You can also use post-hypnotic suggestion. A post-hypnotic suggestion is a suggestion which starts working after the session has been done. Like, "Every time you go shopping, you're excited to be able to load healthy things into your shopping cart."

Finally, you will learn how you can safely end a hypnosis session.

What if I decide to follow the full 7-day hypnosis training to become a hypnotist after the 2-day basic hypnosis training?

After following the basic course, most people want to continue with the 7-day full training to become a hypnotist.

In that case, you only pay the difference between the two programs, and you can just come the next day and continue your training to become a certified hypnotist.


1) What exactly is hypnosis?

You will learn what hypnosis is and how it works in relation to your mind. You learn the difference between the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, unconscious mind, and the critical faculty. You will learn the difference between a normal state of consciousness and a hypnotic state of consciousness. You will also learn how to bypass the 'protection' of the subconscious mind easily to bring your clients into a deep state of hypnosis where the change takes place.

2) Removing misconceptions

There are many prejudices regarding hypnosis, and any misconception can be a potential fear for your client. An anxious client is not an ideal person to hypnotize. 'What if I get stuck in hypnosis' is one of the many misunderstandings about hypnosis. For example, someone who is afraid to get stuck in hypnosis isn’t going to be able to allow hypnosis to happen.

3) How do we hypnotize someone? Various techniques.

You will learn different inductions (methods) to bring someone under hypnosis. We can best compare this with traveling from point A to point B as you can go on foot, by car or by bus. Each of these methods will get you from A to B. Some people may prefer the bus, others may prefer to go with their car. You will learn how to classify clients so that you know which induction suits your client best to hypnotize them.

4) Deepen the hypnotic state and test the depth

One of the most important aspects is the deepening of hypnosis. The deeper someone goes into hypnosis, the better the suggestions will last.

You’ll learn how to intensify the state of hypnosis, and you will learn how to test the depth of hypnosis. This allows you to have confidence that your client is suggestive enough to experience powerful changes at the subconscious level.

5) Using post-hypnotic suggestions

Hypnosis as we know it today wouldn’t be much of use without post-hypnotic suggestions. A post-hypnotic suggestion is a suggestion that will take place after the session. You want your client to not only feel good during the session but also afterward. That's why you give them suggestions that will keep working after the session, such as "every time you wake up, you feel wonderful and rejuvenated.” Or “from now on, you have no desire to smoke a cigarette.”

6) Reprogramming negative experiences

You will learn how to neutralize the negative experiences of your clients. A negative experience (such as a trauma) can sometimes linger, and make people feel bad when they think about it. You will learn how you can ensure this traumatic experience does not evoke emotions anymore.,

7) Self-Hypnosis

In this chapter, you will learn how to teach your clients self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is an important tool that your clients can use to enforce the changes made during the session. Your client can also use it to get rid of unwanted habits and dependencies (like smoking).

Self-hypnosis can make the difference between a satisfied client and an unsatisfied one. That is why we pay extra attention to this chapter.

8) Developing more charisma and personality,

You will develop a charisma that no one will be able to resist. Charisma is an important ingredient in performing successful hypnosis sessions. As it is a way used to send strong signals to people around you so that they can feel your self-confidence. Charismatic people gain the trust of other people around them much quicker, and is a very important quality for a hypnotist.



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General info

You’ll get an extended manual with theory, exercises, and ready-to-use scripts.
To keep our prices low, overnight stays, meals, and drinks are not included in the price. (There are restaurants near the venue).
Refresher & support
The course can be repeated indefinitely, as a refreshment, for $75.00 per day. Also, you will receive permanent support from our team of experienced hypnotists and teachers.
Preliminary training
A prior education is not necessary.
Upon the completion of this course, you will receive a certification recognized as a Basis Hypnosis Practitioner.

Your hypnosis teachers

Walter Callebaut Hypnotherapeut

Who is Walter Callebaut?

Walter is one of the best hypnosis trainers when it comes to direct hypnosis and in particular the virtual gastric band. His entire career is all about helping people as in the various positions he held, he was constantly working to bring out the best in people, and it was with the help of hypnosis that it became clearer to him that he could achieve much more.

As a passionate hypnotist, Walter Callebaut has already successfully helped many people with his exceptional knowledge and can use the virtual gastric band effectively. Hypnosis becomes a very powerful tool in his hands in which he knows how to turn unwanted things to good ones and to strengthen desired things.

His attention for his customers and course participants is exceptionally pleasant, in addition to the many years of accumulated knowledge and a hypnotic voice, he also trains many to discover their hypnotic potential and to implement hypnosis techniques successfully.